The food and beverage industry demands special attention to detail and an understanding of stringent standards throughout a reliable and seamless supply chain.
TFM is well prepared to provide exceptional logistic services catering to the growing consumer demands of food and beverage products around the world. Our reliable and carefully selected global network delivers controlled ambient and cold supply chain solutions, enhancing our 'fresh-to-door' concept throughout the world.

We understand the importance of quality control within the food and beverage industry and can provide end-to-end logistic systems and services to ensure all products are maintained at their optimum temperature and condition.


  • A network of professionals trained in the applicable regulations.
  • A partnership with the most competitive freight companies around the globe.

TFM is a freight forwarder and project logistic provider that empowers the movement of cargo via sea,land and air from one destination to other. We serve to a wide range of industries by offering our prodigious range of services. TFM is a mission-driven organization with a clearly defined set of values of principles. We encorage employees to have a strong sense of self-esteem & the capacity to think logically. Our vision is to constantly develop ourselves as a faster and better freight services provider with using great technologies and advanced solutions


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