Time critical and delicate: When it comes to electronic components or high tech machines, trade and industry places high demands on logistics. Replacement and assembly parts must quickly reach their place of destination. Sensitive machines need expert handling in order to arrive intact.

TFM understands how to manage and optimize even the most complex supply chains and multi-tier networks. We work with you to manage supplier and subcontractor relationships, optimize transportation, operate distribution centers and coordinate inbound and outbound flow. We can also manage a subset of your logistics operations as a third-party logistics provider.

We combine technology, engineering and manufacturing expertise to design world-class logistics solutions tailored for technology and electronics industry demands. Our expansive network includes distribution facilities, cross-docks, manufacturing plants, remote domiciles and supplier locations throughout the globe.

THUS supports our clients in the technology sector by helping to achieve shorter cycle times and higher productivity.

TFM is a freight forwarder and project logistic provider that empowers the movement of cargo via sea,land and air from one destination to other. We serve to a wide range of industries by offering our prodigious range of services. TFM is a mission-driven organization with a clearly defined set of values of principles. We encorage employees to have a strong sense of self-esteem & the capacity to think logically. Our vision is to constantly develop ourselves as a faster and better freight services provider with using great technologies and advanced solutions


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