The textile industry has most of its goods made in Asia. Textiles cover huge distances from countries like China, India , Bangladesh & Pakistan. In Asia, Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile products thus textile enjoys a pivotal position in the exports of Pakistan.

Team Freight Management offers wide range of specialized services for the textile industry to get the job done – on time, every time.

We have tailored our logistics skills to meet the constantly evolving demands of the textile business to provide fast, dependable and efficient supply chain management. That suite of services covers the entire supply chain – from consolidation at supplier source, through regional or domestic warehousing, to retail store delivery.

We are also proud to offer the logistics of hanging garments both by SEA and AIR to the quality conscious customers in a cost effective way. A specifically equipped TEXTAINERS fulfil the AIR shipments requirement and special GOH Containers for sea shipment, ensures the perfect transportation for your hanging textiles around the world

TFM is a freight forwarder and project logistic provider that empowers the movement of cargo via sea,land and air from one destination to other. We serve to a wide range of industries by offering our prodigious range of services. TFM is a mission-driven organization with a clearly defined set of values of principles. We encorage employees to have a strong sense of self-esteem & the capacity to think logically. Our vision is to constantly develop ourselves as a faster and better freight services provider with using great technologies and advanced solutions


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